A Very Fond Farewell to LPR Board Member Truth Thomas

Truth Thomas

Truth Thomas (Photo: Melanie Henderson)

Truth Thomas is a true triple threat—a poet, musician, and publisher—and for the past several years he has been an integral part of the Little Patuxent Review family, serving as both a guest editor and a member of the Board. If you’ve interacted with Truth, you’ve seen the sincerity and heart that he brings to everything he does. It is Truth’s voice that we turn to in moments when the rest of us are at a loss for words.

So when Truth shared last month that he would be stepping down from our Board, I knew his voice needed to appear on our blog one more time (for now). The entire LPR community is grateful for everything Truth has given to LPR and wish him the absolute best, but will miss him dearly!

Many thanks to Truth for answering these questions.

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Meet the Board: Q&A with George Clack

George Clack joined the Little Patuxent Review’s board last summer and has taken on the role of social media coordinator. In recent years he’s been teaching literature and film in the continuing education programs at Howard Community College and Johns Hopkins University. Previously, he worked as a magazine editor with the National Endowment for the Arts, then the U.S. Information Agency, finally morphing into a digital editor, publisher, and content provider with the U.S. State Department. For three years he blogged on books and writing at 317am. In the Q&A that follows, he answers questions about LPR, why he loves the journal, and why he devotes so much time to it.

Q: What brought you to the Little Patuxent Review?

The magazine’s publisher emeritus and presiding spirit, Mike Clark, and the publisher, Desiree Magney, recruited me. It was a little like what I imagine being recruited by the CIA or MI6 might be. Through word of mouth, they’d apparently determined I was the right sort, and so then I had to decide whether I was willing to carve some time out of my busy life to do real work for the LPR. I thought hard about this: you could say I’m hooked on great writing or that I believe that literature is a force for good in the world. Either way, I know from my own experience that what writers want above all is to have readers. The mission of the LPR for me is to connect writers—particularly writers just starting out—with readers. So in a sense I joined the LPR this year for the same reason I joined IndivisibleHoCoMD, the local Trump resistance movement: to put my beliefs into action. Mike Clark likes to say working on the LPR is a labor of love for everybody involved. I’d agree.

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