Open for Submissions – Winter 2019, Unthemed Issue (with LGBTQI+ Folio)


My name is Anthony Moll.

I’m a writer and educator here in Maryland, and I’m the guest editor for the Winter 2019 issue of Little Patuxent Review. I’ve been looking forward to working with this celebrated journal since Editor Steven Leyva first approached me with the idea, and I’m excited to announce that submissions are officially open for the issue. Our submission deadline is October 24.

Here’s the plan:

Half of the issue will be the usual thoughtful, well-curated selections chosen by the editors of LPR. They’re a group of talented writers and readers with a variety of interests and tastes. They’re building an unthemed issue for Winter 2019, so if you’ve been holding onto smart, fully-realized work that’s perfect for LPR, now is the time to submit.

Also, I’ll be curating a folio of work from LGBTQI+ writers from Maryland for the issue. Here too, the call for submissions has no specific theme, and the work will still be reviewed by the LPR team. I really want to show off both the talent and the diversity of voices that Maryland’s LGBTQI+ communities offer. I’ll be soliciting writers and poets with whose work I’m already familiar, but I also want to encourage LGBTQI+ writers whose work I haven’t yet heard (including those who have yet to publish any work) to send us your best writing.

If you identify with any of those letters (or SGL, two-spirit, or anything found in the ‘+’), feel free to let us know in your cover letter. It’ll be helpful for us when it comes time to organize the issue.

Here’s where you can submit. All the details about guidelines, rights and so on are listed there.:


Meet Our Contributors: Q&A with Anthony Moll

Anthony Moll is a poet, essayist, and educator. He holds an MFA in creative writing & publishing arts and is completing his PhD in poetry & Queer theory. His chapbook about the melancholy of the modern workplace, Go to the Ant, O Sluggard, is available from Akinoga Press. His debut memoir, Out of Step, won the 2017 Non/Fiction Prize from The Journal and will be available in July 2018 from Mad Creek Books.

Moll’s poem, “A Jumpmaster in DuPont Circle,” appeared in LPR’s Winter Issue 2018 (available for purchase at this link). He read this poem and other work at our issue launch in January (video below).

Our Summer Issue 2018 launch is on Sunday, June 3, at 2 p.m. (information on our events page).

Q: You said at the launch that this was your third try submitting poems to your friend and our editor, Steven Leyva. Can you say something for our readers about the persistence required for publishing?

Yeah, at the launch reading I mentioned how even though the editor of LPR is a close friend of mine, I twice had poems rejected from the journal before this poem was accepted. For readers worried about rejection, I think this demonstrates two (sort of conflicting) ideas:

1) Rejection can be an act of love—to have a piece rejected that isn’t yet ready can be a good thing for writers submitting their work. In the long run, I’d rather have a smart editor say no to a piece that isn’t yet done than to have work with my name on it out there in the world when it isn’t yet fully polished. BUT,

2) Editors have their own tastes and biases too, so writers really need patience if they’re going to find the right home for their work. Sure, in some instances that work might not be ready, but there are also cases in which a writer is submitting solid, well-developed writing that just doesn’t fit an editor’s taste, a publication’s literary aesthetic, or an issue’s vision/theme.

One of the skills that writers need to develop (and continually recalibrate) is the ability to determine when one needs to keep looking for a home for a piece, and when one needs to pause and turn back to revision.

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