19. Winter 2016: Myth

The Winter 2016 issue launched January 31, 2016. Order a copy of this issue.

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Issue Contents:

Editor’s Note


Jenna Le — New York Living
Sarina Bosco — Delphi
Michele Wolf — Miss Lake Hiawatha
Pat Valdata — Fish Story
Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka — Turning Pagans into Christians
Molly McGuire — RiRi of Troy
Elizabeth O’Brien — I Was Raised by Voles
Ann Quinn — To the Waxed Red Delicious at My Local King Soopers
Adam Scheffler — 8 Years Together
Judith H. Montgomery — Ecce Hermes
Grace Cavalieri — Bacchae
Destiny Birdsong — Macular Conception
Fran Markover — How David Got His Wings
Edgar Gabriel Silex — Demeter, Deus ex Machina, Death of an Indian
Richard Krawiec — What I Know about War
Amy K. Rowland — A Drunken Sestina


Stephen Langlois — Real Creative Type
Ben Leib – The Augury


Patricia Jkovich VanAmburg — An Interview with Edgar Gabriel Silex


Minas Konsolas

Alaina Symanovich — Venus Retrograde
Elisvietta Richie — Traveler Meets Her Double
Amanda Miska — Missed Connections for My Self


Steven Leyva – Profile: New World Synthesis: The Art of Minas Konsolas
Patricia Jakovich VanAmburg — Mythology as a Personal Journey: Where I Followed Ariadne’s Thread

Frame of Mind (G) Minas Konsolas Acrylic and ink on canvas, 2015 30 × 24 in.