8. Summer 2010: Spirituality


LPR Spirituality Issue

No. 8, Summer 2010, Spirituality issue. Cover art: Joyce J. Scott; fused /painted glass with copper inclusions, African sculpture, lampwork, old tintype, chain and beadwork; “Ancestry/Progeny I (Eye)”


Dianne M. Connelly, “Anamnesis: The Recollection of Being”

Katherine Cottle, “Immersion”

Helen Buss Mitchell, “Creating Heaven and Hell”


Prudence Barry, “Stones”

Lucille Clifton, “the lesson of the falling leaves,” “blessing the boats,” “the garden of delight,” “at the cemetery,” “walnut grove plantation,” “south carolina 1989,” “cutting greens,” “quilting”

Katherine Cottle, “Scarecrow”

Christina Daub, “Minus the Body”

Linda Dove, “Angelica,” “Santuario de Chimajo,” “Afternoon”

David Evans, “Morning at Lake Elkhorn,” “Taoist Painting,” “The Last Pregnant Walk”

Tara Hart, “Patronized”

Barbara Knox, “I Never Expected”

Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka, “Lake Patzcuaro”

Natalie Lobe, “Wall”

Amanda Newell, “Baseball”

Henry Niese, “Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Plant Life”

Lalita Noronha, “Across Bones,” “The Visible Light Spectrum”

Kathleen O’Toole, “Vespers,” “Hunting Creek,” “Behold the Birds”

Michael Ratcliffe, “I Killed a Centipede Today”

Bruce Sager, “The Burning”

Tim Singleton, “a haiku collection for Lucille”

Patricia Jakovich VanAmberg, “Clearing House”


Lucille Clifton, 1936-2010


Joyce C. Scott

Artist Profile

Nicole Hickey