20. Summer 2016

Summer 2016 (Unthemed)

The Summer 2016 issue launched on June 25, 2016. This issue has SOLD OUT.

Watch video of the publication launch reading.

Issue Contents:



Tameka Cage Conley — can’t feel my face
Ace Boggess
“Are You Setting Things on Fire?”
Dorothy Chan — Animal Discovers Fire, Orders Chinese Takeout with Fries
Sarah Ann Winn — Skimmer
Jessica Fordham Kidd — Ye Gethsemane
Le Hinton — Solving for X
Laura Davenport — Field Trip, Birmingham
Nausheen Eusuf — The days
Edward Granger — Roustabout
W. Luther Jett — Dark Weather
Richard Weaver — Messengers of the Wind
Susan Scheid — Not Even the Rain
Sally Zakariya — Between the Words
Matthew J. Spireng — Sanderlings, Assateague, October
Naomi Thiers — All Is Calm
Lynne Viti L–I Learned That Marilyn Had Died
Joan Colby — Kneecapped
Michael J. Young — Persistence of the Classics
Sherri Allen — When My Grandparents Come Back to Me
Maggie Rosen — Coke Machine at the Civil Rights Museum
Saundra Rose Maley — Charlotte Darling


Jessica Barksdale — Kibbutz
Paul Pekin — Under the Bridge
Daniel Davis — Dizzy Dean Stands Still
Nathan Leslie — Concrete Slab


Laurel Black — A Massachusetts Yankee Buys a Breast
Tom Horton — Travels in Tubman County
Samuel Autman Night Scavengers
Bleuzette La Feir — Water


Susan Thornton Hobby — An Interview with Eugenia Kim


Lynn Silverman


Michael Salcman —  In the Clouds with Lynn Silverman

 No. 17, from 1:1 by Lynn Silverman.