Issue 23: Winter 2018

Rucker cover
Winter 2018 Cover Paul Rucker, Artist

The Winter 2018 Issue of Little Patuxent Review was launched on January 21, 2018 in Columbia, Maryland. Featured contributors read their work.

Take a look at our fantastic lineup of authors below. Hannah Bonner, who came to the reading from Iowa City, answers questions about her experience at the launch at this link.

Order your copy here. We also have annual subscriptions available.

Read highlights from the issue:

Table of Contents


Allan King—The Journey
Katy Day—Weeding, etc, and People Who Push Other People Out of Cars Don’t Get More Cake
Mabel Ferragut-Smth—Watching the Oscars
Matt Prater—Turkey Vulture
Emma DePanise—Cringer
Barbara Crooker—Road Trip
Kimberly Lambright—Glade
Carrie Coners—Unchained
Melanie Bui—Nourishment
Scott Beal—Alex, Did You Disable My Death Ray?
Anthony Moll—A Jumpmaster in DuPont Circle
Sandy Fontana—Noise
wendy clarke—Beachcombing
John Sibley-Williams—Homecoming
Rachel Morgan—The Plural of Grief
Anya Creightney—Ars Poetica with Fever
Tafisha Edwards—Atomic Snowstorm
celeste doaks—A Harley Dream
Saida Agostini—The Night Before HB2’s Passage
Terri Ellen Cross Davis—Ode to Orgasms
Katy Richy—If I Told You I Think of You in the Supermarket


Ann Bracken—An Interview with Paul Rucker: Featured Artist
Susan Hobby—An Interview with the Black Ladies Brunch Collective


Daien Guo—A Bathroom Renovation
Jeff Binkley—Survival of the Homeless
Meg Files—Green River
Jessica VanDevanter—Bolo Tie
Garbelotto—From the Heart of the Country
Seth Brady Tucker—The Court of Tar and Oil

Essay and Creative Nonfiction

Hannah Bonner—Fixed in a Moment of Fierce Attention: 13 Ways of Looking at Claire Underwood
Joshua Bernstein—The Works
Shannon Tsonis—What Was Left
Aspen Stoddard—Eighteen
maria termini—On the Grass in July
Frances Blankenship—Things We Don’t Talk About