21. Winter 2017: Prison

The Winter 2017 issue launched on January 22, 2017. Order this issue.

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Issue contents:


Peter Marcus — Black Light for Etheridge Knight
Jim Reese — Yoga on Death Row
James Croal Jackson — Plane Delay
Asnia Asim — Waterboard
Meg Eden — I Visit My Grandfather
Kendra Kopelke — The Wind Makes It Impossible
Holly Day — The Storm
Maceo J. Whitaker — Abe Lincoln Double Feature
Shirley J. Brewer — I Am Marilyn Monroe’s Lipstick
Ann Quinn — To Be Opened
Leona Sevick — Virginia Is for Lovers
Gretchen Primack — Ingrid (Visiting Room)
Anthony “Akewi” Barnes — Me and My Younger Self
Sean Denmark — May 29, Santo Domingo
John Willson — Ruhen
Michael Mark — Schmattas
John Walser — Andromache in Bed


Lania D’Agostino


Cynthia Greer — Runaway
Sondra Claire — Missing
Stephanie Gibson — A Space Redeemed


Beth Gilstrap — Fly the Car to Mars
Sean Prentiss — What I Know about Quantum Mechanics (the Uncertainty Principle)
Mao Xiang — Merely Barely Hardly Herely
Jeremy J. Kamps — Locked Out
Carol Solomon — Mother’s Day
Terry Sanville — Simple Things


Susan Thornton Hobby — An Interview with Chris Abani
Stephanie Gibson– A Space Redeemed: A Conversation between Stephanie Gibson and Marietta Jaeger
Ann Bracken — An Interview with Betty May


Tim Singleton — Transformation and Compassion in the Work of Lania D’Agostino