Review: “Raising King” by Joseph Ross

I have a confession: I was meant to write this review of Raising King in September. Time got away from me in this bizarre, pandemic isolation vortex we all find ourselves in, but in all honesty, I’m gad I waited to read this collection. Is there a more appropriate time for Joseph Ross’ manuscript than […]

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Open book with letters flying up from blank pages

Book review: Odsburg by Matt Tompkins

When I started reading Odsburg, the new novel by Matt Tompkins (Ooligan Press), the events it portrays seemed, well…odd.Today, though, we could all be in Odsburg. At the very least, it’s a worthwhile trip while you’re social distancing. The novel is a study of the fictional town of Odsburg, Washington by the world’s first (and only) […]

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Book Review: Shirley Brewer’s After Words

Most of us don’t live in hamlets. Even if we did, I suspect we’d still get our news mostly from the Net, from neighbors and co-workers and friends, TV, the diminished but dogged daily papers, the weeklies. Surely not from books. Rarely do we experience our news directly. It’s hand-me-down, a leeching of vitamins from […]

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