2016 National Book Festival

Today at the Washington Convention Center in the nation’s capital, the Library of Congress is hosting the 16th annual National Book Festival. One of the preeminent literary events of the year, the National Book Festival hosts writers from various genres and backgrounds to celebrate the literary arts.

This year’s special guests include Stephen King, Salman Rushdie, Joyce Carol Oats, Michael Cunningham, Loius Lowry, and more. Young and old literary fans have more than enough to do with the children’s guide, filled with events tailored for younger audiences, and speaking events and signings are taking place for readers of all ages. Stephen King makes his debut at the Festival on the main stage at a sold out ticketed event, but all other presentations do not require tickets.

The National Book Festival was started by Laura Bush and then Librarian of Congress, James H Billington. The festival has taken place every year since Sept. 8, 2001. Co-Chairman of the National Book Festival Board, David. M. Rubenstein has been the festival’s benefactor since 2010, and in 2013 pledge to fund the festival for the next five years.

For those not at the Washington Convention Center, PBS Newshour is hosting a livestream that can be seen here. Social media is also keeping track of the festival with the hashtag #NatBookFest

One thought on “2016 National Book Festival

  1. David Eberhardt

    this site seems more complicated that it needs to be- i already tried to leave a comment- The Baltimore book festival, at the tent sponsored by Red Emmas- has more relevant authors- the nt’nal festival reeks of conformity.
    As Charlotte burns, we need authors- like Medea Benjamin or B ill Ayers – who will rock the boat.
    We need authors with heart and spine.
    The “Split this Rock” organization in DC does a better job


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