Staff Pick: “In Case You Were Wondering” by David O’Connell

Out-of-focus image of the London Eye and the River Thames at dusk

Brian England serves on the Board of Directors for the Little Patuxent Review. In this post, he shares his staff pick from the Winter 2020 issue, David O’Connell’s poem “In Case You Were Wondering.”

What made this poem special for me was how it transported me back to a time when we would park on a hill overlooking London. This was a known place to go and the views were as described in this poem — until the windows fogged up! 

And yes, “The road’s still there, outside and above the city.” And yes, you can still join others “to watch the evening lights pop on.” 

We would watch the city lights and the plane lights flashing on and off far in the distance as they headed toward Heathrow Airport. 

And then in the third verse he wonders about going back!

So much packed into four verses — beautiful.

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