18. Summer 2015

The Summer 2015 issue launched on June 13, 2015. Order a copy of this issue.

Issue Contents:

Editor’s Note


James Carroll — Nick’s Diner
Katy Day — Without Beard
Mary Moore Easter — No Law Against It
Rachel C. Eisler — It’s Lovely to Watch Young Women
Tai F. Ford — honeycomb
D. Dina Friedman — Idolatry
Katherine Gekker — Rutting Fall
George M. Guida — The Kissed Ring
Cindy King — The Butcher Coat
Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka — He Had Just Read Milosz’s “Orpheus and Eurydice”
Mary Makofske — Museum of Dusty Metaphors
Tracy A. Mishkin — End of the World Part II
Tom Montag — From a Photograph by Arthur Rothstein (1938)
Rachel H. Nelson — April
Chad Parmenter — Blank Verse by Project Runway Model X
Simon Perchik — It’s this thin envelope, empty, closed
Adam E. Pollak — Mekong River Tapestry
Ron Riekki — Sonnet 91: New Research Links Iraq Dust to Ill Soldiers
Breauna L. Roach — Notes on a Myth of an Invasive Species
Joseph Ross — On ‘The Annunciation’ by Henry O. Tanner
Inga Schmidt — Sole
Edgar G. Silex — Empty Nest
Margaret M. Stawowy — Looking Both Ways
Micia White  — Rest Stop


Tyler S. Barton — Lease
Nandini Dhar — Carnival
Kim A. O’Connell — Detonation
Daniel S. Rose — No Return Policy
Adam Schwartz — Cedar Creek
Brendan Stephens — Blood Moon
Matt Tompkins — The World on Fire
Tom Weller — Hot-Dog Queen


Susan Thornton Hobby  – M.K. Asante
M.K. Asante – Buck excerpt
Ann Bracken — Morna McDermott


Ian MacLean Davis


Suse Cairn — Memory’s Reunion Tour
Paul W. Carlson — Strange Grace
Steven M. Coughlin — The Next 32 Years
Jim W. Ringley — The Death of Mrs. Danley
Justin D. Thurman — Poison


Art by Ian MacLean Davis. Cover design by Deb Dulin.

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