9. Winter 2011: Water


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LPR Cover Winter 2011

No. 9, Winter 2011, Water issue. Cover art: Greg Mort, watercolor, “Circle of Blue.”


Rafael Alvarez, “Granada in the Drink”

Casey Cooke, “Without”

Susan Muaddi Darraj, “My West Bank Education: 1998”

Jen Grow, “The End of August”

Danuta Hinc, “Singing to an Ocean”

Susan Thornton Hobby, “Familiar Arms”

Afaa Michael Weaver, “The Other Side of Things”


Ann Bracken, “Wine and Water”

Shirley J. Brewer, “All of Me”

Katherine Cottle, “The first time”

Fred Foote, “Night Mission”

Nan Fry, “Riddle”

Clarinda Harriss, “Power”

Ann Eichler Kolakowski, “Unmaking”

Stephanie Lemghari, “Tide”

Greg Luce, “A Decent Happiness”

Prince Mensah, “A Complaint”

Fonda Bell Miller, “Fishing”

Margaret S. Mullins, “At 94 and 96”

Kathleen O’Toole, “Undertow”

Laura Shovan, “Route 1, “Delaware”

Danielle M. Sinclitico, “an ocean, a line of waving moonlight”

Naomi Thiers, “Union”

Patricia Jakovich VanAmburg, “Yin/Yang”

Wes Ward, “Artherosclerosis”

Gabriel Welsch, “The Story of a River”

Matthew Westbrook, “Swimming with Bricks”

Michael Whelan, “After I Died”


Alice McDermott

Greg Mort


Christopher Quirk

Afaa Michael Weaver