LPR in the Classroom

As part of our outreach effort, the LPR in the Classroom Program provides LPR issues to high schools and colleges at the discounted rate of $6.00/copy (plus an additional $2.00 each, if shipping is required). It also supports the posting of articles on our website that provide teachers and students alike with material relevant to the creative process.


The English/World Languages Division of Howard Community College is the first participant in the program. The program is also being considered by other area and out-of-state institutions of higher learning.

High Schools

In 2011, the Howard County Poetry and Literature Society and the Howard County High School Book Award Program presented 34 students from the county’s twelve public high schools and the Homewood Center copies of the LPR along with an invitation to submit their work to future editions. In 2010, 33 students received copies of the LPR.


We feature a series, “Concerning Craft,” that offers insights into the creative process and is directly accessible to students and teachers alike. We are also working to give voice to both teachers and students through posts on this site. In addition, we publish posts on the program itself such as LPR in the Classroom” and “An ‘Excellent’ Experiment.”

Contact Us

If you would like to participate in any aspect of the program, use the following contact form. You can also use the form to provide feedback on the program.