Issue 24: Summer 2018

The Summer 2018 Issue of Little Patuxent Review was launched on June 3, 2018 in Columbia, Maryland. Featured contributors read their work.

Take a look at our fantastic lineup of authors below. The issue also features the artwork of Phaan Howng.

Order copies here. We also have annual subscriptions available. 

Read highlights from the issue:

Table of Contents


zakia henderson-brown — The Big Bang Theory
Derrick Weston Brown — Bruuuuuh or When Brothers Debate Black Panther in a Safeway Parking Lot: A Found (Overheard) Poem
Katherine Gordon — Your Weight on Saturn
Peter Krumbach — Errand
Alicia Mountain — Without Drawing the Blinds
Tracy Dimond — Landscape / Landscape / Land Escape
Paulette Beete — Immolation
Rikki Santer — Dining with Picasso
Derek Otsuji — Death Comes to a Cousin in the Air
Faye McCray — Virgin in Harlem
Brionne Janae — Alternative Facts
Jennifer Clark — Not a fast runner, I consider other ways to escape this relationship
Wallace Lane — Groceries
Gary Stein — Tree House
Natalie E. Illum — Reset
Kanak Gupta — Death in Dubai
Nancy Kang — Skinship
Rachel E. Hicks — The Exile Speaks of Mountains


Caroline Bock — A Life of Close Critique
Randal O’Wain — Rock and Roll High School
Gayla Mills — “A Future Imagined”
Ann Olson — Mosquito Hunt


JoAnna Wool — The Other Mia
D. E. Lee — The Silence of a Sound (San Marco)
Casey McConahay — Emma Watson Is More Beautiful Than Anyone
Caroline Cooper — Received with Thanks! Will Do, All Best
Elly Revilla-Kugler — What I Remember from 5th & San Pedro
Ava Robinson — Cal-I-Forn-Ya


Michael Salcman — Phaan Howng and the Postapocalyptic Landscape


Ann Bracken — What Builds Our Worlds: An Interview with Jason Reynolds