Spotlight on Alicia Mountain

“Writing comes out of this life lived, the sensory details, the doubt, the microwaved dinner, the weight of your jacket, the joy, the car payment, the lonely shower, the movement of your body. Everything you do away from your notebook or keyboard is writing. Even if it fills months or years, you can make use of it—this can all end up on the page.”

Alicia Mountain, from her essay “To the Writer Who is Not Writing”

Former Contributor Alicia Mountain has a poem, “Amagansett Pome” that will appear in the Spring 2021 issue of Ploughshares, guest-edited by Laura van den Berg! Check out Alicia’s previous craft piece from LPR’s blog here as well as her poem “Without Drawing the Blinds”, which appeared in the Summer 2018 issue of LPR. You can order your copy of the upcoming issue of Ploughshares here!

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