I Read, I Think, I Write, I Am: An Interview with Tony Medina

One sunny day last September, poet Truth Thomas, guest editor of our Winter 2012 Social Justice issue, sat down to talk with his mentor and friend Tony Medina on the front porch of the Molly Bannakay House on the grounds of the Benjamin Banneker Historical Park & Museum in Oella, Maryland. The interview, which you can view below, was recorded by Dan Pendick. Here are some introductory remarks from Truth:

Medina and I met to discuss social justice, the theme of the 12th LPR issueWhat is captured in these clips is the gift that is his beautiful mind, his wit and piercing social commentary and certainly his passion for political activism. I thank him for taking the time to meet with me and for his mountains of warmth, also Ilse Munro for introducing me to the beauty of the Banneker site and Steven X Lee, the park and museum director, for welcoming us. And thanks again to my brother Daniel for making this video discussion possible and to Danuta Hinc for on-site support. On behalf of my LPR family, I offer you this interview in the interest of ushering in a better world for all people.

Note: Tony Medina also participated in our panel Poets for Social Change at the Baltimore Book Festival. You can view videos of the discussion here as well as read a follow-up interview, “Poets for Social Justice,” with another participant, Kathleen Hellen, conducted by Editor Laura Shovan.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

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