11. Winter 2012: Social Justice


SJ LPR Cover

Cover art: “In the Event of Race Riot IV” by Theaster Gates; wood, metal, hoses; 2011


JoAnn Balingit, “Advisory”

Penelope Scambly Schott, “According to the Escort Agency’s Calendar,” “November Is Manatee Awareness Month”

Jill-Ann Stolley, “Birthmother, 1973”

Keli Stewart, “when a lover calls my body white”

Patricia Jakovich VanAmburg, “In Celebration of Her Cells”

Kathleen Hellen, “Nine Circles”

Martín Espada, “Imagine the Angels of Bread,” “Alabanza: In Praise of Local 100,” “The Trouble Ball,” “The Swimming Pool at Villa Grimaldi,” “Blasphemy”

Emily Severance, “Seven”

Fran Isaacs Gilmore, “Mumia and Melanie”

James Toupin, “Waiting with Julian Bond at the CVS”

Tony Medina, “Broke ‘It Is What It Is’,” “Indignant Blues,” “Pink Slip Blues,” “Broke Ode,” “Broke on Death Row ”

Alan King, “The Champ”

Dylan Bargteil, “A Brown Spot”

Clarinda Harriss, “Big Easy Trick”

Michael Salcman, “Oxford’s Crooked Sidewalks”

Greg McBride, “All Went Well”

Melinda Bennington, “Charly’s Shoes,” “Returning”

Geraldine Connolly, “Mission of San Xavier del Bac: Waiting for 117 Signs of Providence”

Daniel WK Lee, “Boy”


Stephanie Gibson, “Visiting Tyrone”

Susan Gabrielle, “What She Should Have Said”

Jeff Fearnside, “Ball and Chain”

Ann Bracken, “Crafting a Bridge to Healing”

Jen Grow, “The Black Male Identity Project”

Craig Greenman, “The Rainbow Curve”

Paul Lamb, “The Respite Room”


Martín Espada

Tony Medina


Theaster Gates


Theaster Gates

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